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At First Choice Marquees our service begins with a detailed review of your requirements, on site if need be and the preparation of our initial quote in line with your budget. Later as your planning develops, First Choice Marquees are always on hand to help you form up your new ideas and to help implement them. We like to discuss every last detail with you - a suitable colour scheme, catering requirements, decoration, linings, the dance area, lighting, seating - any of the features you wish us to supply.

As part of our service to you, First Choice Marquees can assist with planning, co-ordinating, installing, sourcing and delivering furniture and equipment for whatever theme or style you have in mind.


We are even able to produce a CAD drawing for every customer to show the design layout and can revise this to suit your event.




First Choice Marquees prides itself on having the resources and competitive pricing structure required fulfilling your requirements for each event. Different terrain and extraordinary locations are a challenge to us. First Choice Marquees have successfully completed many versatile solutions to a variety of demands. After the event, First Choice Marquees will ensure that the site looks as tidy as it did before we arrived.

We have the following extras available to help make your marquee hire a little more enjoyable, use our sub menu below to navigate to the relevant section.

Marquee Furniture |Marquee Furniture | Marquee Heating and Marquee Ventilation | Marquee Power and Marquee Audio Systems | Linings and Themes | Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware and Linen Hire | Dancefloors


Marquee Flooring
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First Choice Marquees can supply a range of flooring systems, which when covered by carpet creates a sophisticated interior.

This is an ideal foundation for any event and provides a dry and comfortable environment when the Marquee is heated in Winter or ventilated in Summer. Heavy-duty flooring such as cassette flooring and suspended ring beam flooring is also available for unusually heavy payloads like cars etc. or un idylic ground conditions such as slopes or high moisture areas.

We can also provide dance floors in traditional parquet wooden, Black and White or even LED. Various staging is available on difference heights and a size to suit your requirement.



Marquee Furniture
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Whatever your event we can offer a range of marquee furniture to suit your needs. We offer a wide range of chairs from Corporate Folding Samsonite Chairs to Chivari and Cheltenham Banqueting Chairs in a range of colours with seat pads.

Tables are available in a range of sizes from:

• 2ft Square Tables – ideal for cake and present tables

• 4ft Round Banqueting Tables - to seat up to 6

• 5ft Round Banqueting Tables - to seat up to 8

• 5'ft 6" Round Banqueting Tables - to seat up to 10

• 6ft Round Banqueting Tables - to seat up to 12

• Patio Tables and Chairs for indoor and outdoor use

• 6ft Trestle Tables to seat up to 8 people or for catering supplies.



Marquee Heating and Marquee Ventilation
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Whether it be Winter or Summer we can offer you a range of products to help against the elements. Powerful indirect heating with diffusers will heat up your marquee instantly, whilst air conditioning units are available in the summer to cool the marquee - or you could open the sides to the marquee for a good traditional 'English Wind Tunnel'.



Marquee Power and Marquee Audio Systems
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Provision of power distribution to internal and external events. We are able to supply a full range of Generators from 10kva to 150kva along with Distribution boards and cabling.

Create the right atmosphere with our range of lighting for every occasion. Choose from; Uplighters with the advantage of using coloured gels to create a colour theme or mood. Brass Chandeliers for Weddings and more formal occasions. Pinspots, par cans and truss systems to create more precisive lighting. Flourescent lighting and strip lighting is also available for conferences and catering marquees. Or outside lighting for showgrounds and nightime events.

Audio and Visual systems are also available for product launches, conferences, corporate days and more. We are able to project your company logos through projectors and screens. Visual display equipment is also available for events.



Linings and Themes
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Whatever your event we can supply an endless list of possibilities and colours for themes and linings inside the marquee. Whether it be a standard Ivory / White Pleated or Flat lining to a complete theme such as a James Bond theme we are able to help organise this. We have our own stock of Starlight Lining including traditional bulb and LED starlight. The colours are endless so please contact us so that we can send you an up to date colour chart.



Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware and Linen Hire
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The one stop shop – we can do it all. A range of cutlery, crockery, glassware, napkins, tablecloths and chair covers are available. For a full list please contact our office who will be only too please to send one out immediately.



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Whether it be a traditional wooden parquet dancefloor, black and white chequered dancefloor or a new top of the range flashing LED dancefloor, we can do it all. We have a range of dancefloors to suit everyone’s budget.